Monday, July 16, 2007

Kids' Camp from Rosalind Hills to Kekcse & Berencs

"Yes, Lord; Yes, Lord; Yes..." The words of the English chorus could be heard ringing through the villages along with the shouts of "Alleluia" and "Ald az Urat" (Hallelujah & Praise ye the Lord) as the boys and girls tried to outdo each other in the familiar chorus. Hands shot up eagerly as the village children volunteered to help with the interactive Bible story each day. Many of us were all thumbs when it came to craft time but the necklaces, visors, and picture frames were all treasured gifts to take home to show parents. Bubbles were a big hit and the thunder sticks (blow-up elongated tubes) were fun as swords to challenge a sibling or a friend. These were all activities in the two Backyard Bible Camps conducted by the youth team of Rosalind Hills Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA in the villages of Kekcse and Berencs. Each morning we were greeted with smiling faces and great big hugs. Parents came to see what all the noise was about and each day our group of kids grew bigger and bigger. The young people from Rosalind Hills served as the presence of Christ among the Roma through their unselfish giving of their time, energy, and finances to be in northeast Hungary for a week in July.

Thank you for all your prayers in support of this ministry. It was a fun week for all!

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