Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Gandhi English Camp - Success!!

Mix young people from 2 cultures, lots of energy, good food, great weather, games, crafts, and music - what do you get?? "A good time had by all!" For the second time a group of young people led by Scott Ford traveled from Haven Fellowship Church in Conyers, GA to a remote camp around Pecs, Hungary to spend the week with a group of Roma students. The advertised purpose of the camp was to help the Roma improve their English, the real goal of the camp was to show them they are loved and valued by God. Happily both goals were hugely met!

The young people spent the week playing various games such as blob tag, spoon racing with eggs, tug-of-war, and other creative games. They feasted on hot dogs, s'mores, sloppy joes, ice cream sundaes, and pancakes, just to name a few of the yummy food items. They did crafts, making string bracelets and door hangers. Many of the letters for the hangers wound up glued to arms and foreheads as well (Kids are the same in any culture!). The evenings were spent in devotional time and special activities such as a luau and a talent show. One of their English lessons involved playing "resturant". The students took turns being guests and being waiters. Do you know all the slang associated with how an English speaker can order eggs cooked??

Thank you for praying for this week. The Roma and American young people were able to forget their differences and find commom ground. They all laughed and temporarily forgot the troubles of the world. Friendships were made and bonds formed. Most importantly God's love for the Roma shone through with the actions of the dedicated young people from Georgia. The Roma students are already talking about next year!

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Kathryn said...

It was definitely the best experience of my life!!! I give a ton of thank you's to Ralph & Tammy Stocks and to Penny Mann...God Bless You!