Thursday, April 2, 2009

On the Mountain with the WMU

The Women's Misssionary Union, a Baptist group, has since its beginning supported missionaries and ministries around the world. The WMU also has been responsible in local Baptist churches for teaching children and adults about missions. I am proud to say I am a product of that teaching, having first learned about missions as a young child in the Sunbeam program and I have fond memories of helping my mom, who served as the WMU director at our church, do various projects.

Since WMU played such an important role in my life it was my priviledge to give a little back to them. I was invited to speak at breakout sessions at the annual North Carolina WMU Extravaganza weekend held at the Ridgecrest Baptist Center in the mountains near Asheville. Ladies come from around the state to enjoy a getaway, participate in awesome worship services, hear missionaries (like me) speak, learn more ways to promote missions, get tips on how they can be of service in their communities, and oh, so much more! The fact that the setting was in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains is an extra bonus!

Saturday afternoon as I enjoyed a hike along one of the many trails around Ridgecrest, I gave thanks to God for creating a beautiful place and for the WMU that gives kids like me an opportunity to learn about His love, opportunities to serve Him, and fosters that call to "go out unto the world". Thank you WMU!

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