Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ET gets a Computer

FBC Greenville has been investing in the lives of the Gandhi students for several years. When they first started ET was a young student, small in stature, but very vocal and energetic. The team members have watched him mature into a wonderful young man. Most of us, though, will always picture that little boy trying to help FBC member, Henry, clap in rhythm to a praise song and seeing ET burst into laughter when Henry couldn't quite get it.

ET graduated last year from Gandhi and this past fall began his studies at the university in law. To show support for him and to say how proud they are of what he has accomplished, FBC Greenville gifted ET with a computer. When it was presented to him yesterday at lunch he was overcome with emotion. He said, "I have no words in any language..." With tears in his eyes he thanked the FBC members over and over. It was a huge gesture of encouragement and will make life easier as ET becomes a lawyer.

Thank you FBC, Greenville for caring about a young Roma boy and continuing to support him through the years.

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