Monday, February 8, 2010

Gandhi, Tshirts, & Hot Cocoa, Oh My!

The day began with the FBC heading to worship at the Pecs Baptist Church. The roads were snow packed and many remarks were made on how life goes on in Pecs during the snow but in Greenville everything shuts down. We had a meaningful time when communion was served. The Hungarian words were not understood but the symbolism of what we were doing together as believers was very well known.

We lunched on the mountain and had to tramp through the snow to get to the restaurant overlooking the city. The team gets energized by their romps through the white stuff!

The evening found us making our way to the Gandhi School. Since most of the students board at the dorm they begin trickling in between 5PM-8PM. In one of the common areas the Greenville folk set up a hot chocolate station and a table overflowing with tshirts. The hot chocolate was very welcomed on this way-below-freezing evening. Did I mention the team brought 90 pounds of it?? Marshmallows were a new thing for some of the kids. Since there is no equivalent in Hungarian we called them "sponge candy". Like most teenagers, the Roma kids love tshirts. The long-sleeved, red t's with a light bulb on the front were very popular. The theme this week is "Let your Light Shine". There were lots of shouts of greetings as the older students came through the doors and saw members of the Greenville group - some have come multiple times and the relationships have grown.

Great way to spend a cold, snowy evening in Pecs, Hungary

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