Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scenes from Gandhi Bible Club

The Gandhi Bible Club began in 2000 when CBF placed the first Global Service Corps person, Mark Knowles, at the Gandhi School to teach English. It was a partnership with the Hungarian Youth at the Pecs Baptist Church assisted by Tamas and Szilvi Goebl. When Penny Mann arrived a few years later, she and the Goebls continued the club. Today the Bible Club members meet with Glen and Clista Adkins and the Goebls.

This past Monday the First Baptist Church Greenville, SC team provided a few surprises for the Bible club and a good time was had by all! The evening began with singing, an icebreaker game, and a devotion on the Good Samaritan. These students understand what a Samaritan may have faced during Jesus' time. Also the lesson of "Who is a Neighbor?" was good for all of us.

The second half of the club time was spent playing Bingo by placing red hot candies on the cards as the numbers were called out. Next pictures were taken of the students to be placed in frames with the week's Bible verse theme on them. Lastly there was food! Teenagers the world over love to eat and these are no exception. The homemade Valentine sugar cookies were a welcome treat until the teens spotted the chocolate. This was all topped off with chips, coke, and hot cocoa. What a night!

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