Tuesday, May 25, 2010

25 Years Together...

May 25th was a very hot, humid day in southeast Missouri in 1985. Northside Baptist Church, a split from the First Baptist Church in Bernie, MO, population 1500, was overflowing with friends and family. My dad decided to cut off the air-conditioning just before the ceremony began because the drafts were making the candles smoke and I had fulfilled my wedding dream of lots and lots of candles. Smokey candles just would not do! The sanctuary instantly heated up to sweltering and the good folks inside began to fan themselves with old bulletins and hymnal covers. After being escorted down the aisle by my dad, I eagerly grabbed Ralph's hand and prepared to say, "I Do" only to have to stifle the giggles as everyone in the wedding party stared at the huge drop of sweat on the end of the pastor's nose. Each of us were gently shaking our heads, hoping he would too, our shoulders shook, we were afraid to look each other for fear of laughing out loud. Pastor Bob waxed on about the institution of marriage while all I, and I later found out everyone else on the platform, could think was "DROP! DROP!"

That was the scene 25 years ago today that started us out on this wonderful adventure of marriage. It's been a roller coaster of adventure with 2 fantastic children, homemaking in Thomasville, Greensboro, Derecske, and Budapest, supportive family, great friends, excellent colleagues, and a loving God. Happy Anniversary to us and we're looking forward to the next 25 or more!

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