Sunday, May 23, 2010

End of English Club or How to Spend a Relaxing Saturday

Last fall I was searching for a ministry opportunity and was invited to help with the English Club of the Kelenfold Evangelical Church. I became the conversation facilitator for a group of intermediate English learners. I occasionally led the devotion time and often brought a cake for dessert. (Much to Ralph's dismay they were always eaten - no leftovers for the hubby) My group consisted of Hungarians in various walks of life but all eager to improve their English. We had a good time each week discussing various subjects, reading out loud, and defining vocabulary words. They were an eager group and also helped me learn new Hungarian words.

To celebrate the end of class (it runs only during the school calendar) the whole club consisting of beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners attended a picnic on Frank Hill. The garden plot was owned by one of the students and we had authentic goulash cooked the old-fashioned way over an open fire. The views of the city were beautiful and the weather was sunny. It was relaxing to sit and enjoy the company. I'm already looking forward to this fall.

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