Monday, October 25, 2010

Two Prayer Requests

Prayer Supporters: Please pray for the Ruth School director, Viktoria, or better known to those that have served at Project Ruth as Tita. Tita will have surgery on Tuesday, Oct 26th, to treat cancer. Ask the Great Physician to guide the doctors and medical staff. Ask the Great Comforter to be present with her and give Tita a peace that comes from faith in God. Pray for good results. Pray for a quick recovery. Ask God to keep his hand upon Tita and for that to be overtly felt by her, her friends, and her family.

Please pray this week for the Gypsy Smith Leadership Training session being held October 25-29. We are expecting about 25 Roma (Gypsy) leaders from across Romania and Moldova. Our instructors for the week at Teun van der Leer and Anne de Vries from The Baptist Union of The Netherlands. Pray for Alex, the GSS Coordinator, as he translates the morning and afternoon sessions, asking God to make his mind work quickly and to give him energy. Pray for the instructors to be led by the Spirit to present the lessons the leaders most need to hear. Pray for the leaders to soak in the information and began to see how they can use it with their own congregations/ministries. Pray for a Spirit of fellowship to prevail during the week. As the week comes to an end pray for safe travels for the students and teachers as they return to their fields of service. Praise God for this wonderful opportunity to share His word.

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