Monday, October 18, 2010

Romania - 1 Month...

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We're celebrating one month in Romania! We have learned to enjoy the delicious pastries (a little too much!), find our way to Project Ruth and the Baptist church, figure out how to buy groceries, admire the beautiful churches, and be impressed by the friendliness of the Romanian people - so many speak great English.

Life in a large apartment building has been an adjustment. For three weeks we were cool since the building wide heat was not turned on. The big "switch on" came last week and now, despite having our radiators off, we have to have the windows open. During this time there was no hot water, only barely warm at best. We have yet to see neighbors on our floor but have grown to be "greeting" acquaintances with others on different floors. Ralph has become friends with the door men, practicing the Romanian he has learned. Up and down in a very small elevator makes carrying in groceries a big task. I am excited about the kitchen that has a huge oven with an electronic dial - no more wooden spoons in the door!

We're just beginning to learn Romanian. It has the usual language challenges of different sounds and combination letters. How do I conjugate this verb or that verb? Romanians are very gracious and patient when we attempt to speak.

We're also just beginning to see what direction to take with the Roma ministry. The Project Ruth staff have been very helpful. The Ruth School students are in full swing for the academic year. Where to jump in?

Thank you for praying for us. Please continue to ask God to give us wisdom and direction. One month and anticipating many more!

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