Friday, October 26, 2012

A Week of Extremes...

I'm rarely surprised by what I observe at the Ruth School.  It sits in the middle of a very poor neighborhood and our students come from very impoverished and often sad home situations.  We have a variety of parents and grandparents that are responsible for these students and often they are spirited, colorful people.

This week we had two mothers openly curse the school and one was waving a big stick!  Each at different times kicked the ground, waved their arms, and spit at the school while loudly screaming words few could understand.  I find this amusing since we are a Christian school and our hope is in Christ Jesus.  We don't worry about such curses and usually just let the women go on until they lose interest. (as long as they are not hurting anyone or disturbing classes)  They were mad and it showed!

On Thursday we had a party for Monica, a regular at our sewing club at the Naomi Center.  She is due to have a baby in November and this was her last day.  We celebrated by giving her a small gift and eating cake in Monica's honor.  Without prompting the other ladies in attendance that day began to give advice and some hugged Monica wishing her well.  We all agreed that we hoped and prayed for a healthy baby with a quick delivery.  Monica was touched.  She told me this made her feel so special.  No one had done anything just for her in a very long time.  She thanked all of us over and over.  This group of women are becoming a community of support for one another.

It was a week of extremes - we went from curses to blessings.  I'll take the blessings any time!

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