Sunday, October 14, 2012

Emerywood & Worship

"Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet..."  with the words from Psalm 119 made popular by the artist Amy Grant, the Emerywood ministry team shared in worship today at the Roma Baptist church in the village of Glina and at Providence Baptist, a Romanian church.  At the Roma church Judy and Al shared a personal testimony about their faith and Clista gave a word of greeting at Providence.  Clista brought the greetings and the assurance of prayers from the Emerywood members.

Then it was on to lunch at a local restaurant called "La Mama" which translates something close to "Grandma's."  And it was typical home cooked style Romanian food.  As is the tradition on Sundays there were 4 courses - luckily we asked for half portions or I'm not sure everyone could have gotten out of their chairs!  Everyone will long remember the best dessert ever - Papa nash!  (a big donut ball with sour cream, fruit sauce, and powdered sugar.  Yummy!)

The afternoon was spent in preparation for Monday.  Piles of supplies were organized into smaller piles, while teacher supplies were bundled, sports equipment was checked, brownies were baked, and a whole host of other activities were completed.

Tomorrow is the busiest of days with the Olympics, teacher in-service, sports clinic, moms craft time, and girls craft time.  We need lots of prayer for energy, patience, stamina, and good weather.

Below are a few pictures from Sunday:


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