Saturday, July 25, 2009

Emerywood Youth are in the House!

The youth team from Emerywood arrived today. Everyone got here without problems and with all their luggage - answered prayer. Despite their jet lag they were enthusiastic and ready to see a bit of the city. Pray for us as we head out at 9:15 in the morning for Debrecen (where we will sleep) and Ujleta (where the Backyard Bible Club will be held). The youth will conduct their first BB Club Sunday evening with the kids at the Ujleta. To say these Roma kids are excited for the American team to arrive is an understatement! They already think this team is rock star status. Monday-Wednesday we will be in Ujleta in the morning and Pocsaj, another village with a Roma church, in the afternoon. They finish up in Ujleta on Thursday morning and head back to Budapest for a few days of touring. Please pray for safe travels, good health, and that we may each be the presence of Christ this week. We plan on lots of hugs and smiles for the Roma children.

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