Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prayer Request - Natasha's father

Prayer Supporters: Please include Natasha and Tibi in your prayers for the next few days, even weeks. We received news today that Natasha's father passed away. He was only 53 (average life expectancy for Roma men here is 55) and was a believer. While his family is comforted that he is in heaven, they still grieve. The names Natasha and Tibi may be familiar to you because we told their amazing story when we spoke in various churches and other settings. They came to know the Lord because Natasha attended a local Bible study. Afterwards Tibi felt called to be a leader and learned to read by studying the Bible. They were also legally married because of their convictions. Natasha and Tibi now have started a little church in their home in the village of Szakmarcserke.

The funeral is tomorrow (Friday, July 24th). Pray for the family.

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