Friday, July 24, 2009

We Have a House!

As of August 21, when the landlord is finished painting and tiling, we will officially be living in the XVI district of Budapest. We are excited and relieved. Thank you for all your prayers that we would quickly find the right house. We are positive we have. It is a 'twin' house or what Americans call a duplex and is only nine years old. We share a side wall with an elderly lady that the landlord assures us is a good neighbor as long as you don't block her driveway. The house has exactly what we asked you to pray for: a modern kitchen, a small yard for the dog, at least 2 bedrooms (we have 1 and what the Hungarians call 2 halves {small}), near the MO and M3 highways, and I laughingly told a few people we would love to have two fully working toilets - this house does! We appreciate your support and concern. Now - come see us, we have the room!

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