Monday, July 20, 2009

Legally On The Road Again or Drivers Licenses Extended!

Yes, our drivers licenses are officially extended for another five years! Hooray! Thanks be to God and thank you for praying this request for us. We anticipated bureaucracy and frustration but got efficiency (well as efficient as it gets) and patience. The first step was the physical exam where we anticipated like last time - EKGs, urinalysis, etc. We worried over Ralph having to take the eye exam. (Side note: For those of you that worry because you have ridden with him in the crazy Hungarian traffic - it's not his eyes!) The doctor, a friend of our landlord's, had us do a few awkward balancing things like walking across the room with our eyes closed. Then he looked at Ralph and said, "You wear glasses." Then to me, "Read the chart." The next thing we knew we were standing on the sidewalk, forms in hand, scratching our heads in wonder. (In the Dr's defense Ralph had explained we just did complete physicals in the USA.)

The next portion was the actual office. As long as you are prepared to wait, all is good. We brought books to read. Here, too, everything went smooth. Well there was one little glitch when it was discovered Ralph's birthday was wrong on the original Hungarian drivers license. Each public servant had to go up the chain of command until "the buck stops here" person got him to sign an affidavit stating his actual birthday. For a few moments we thought they might actually call his mom and ask. :) We have to go back in 2-4 weeks to pick up the actual licenses themselves. (None of that printing them out on the spot stuff here.)

We are grateful for all of you praying for what might seem a small thing but impossible to do without in our ministry here. Please continue to pray for our housing situation. We are looking but have not found anything yet. To God Be The Glory!

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