Friday, November 13, 2009

Prayer Request - Ruth School & GSS

Prayer Supporters: Ralph and I leave tomorrow for Bucharest, Romania. Glen and Clista Adkins are joining us. Please pray for us this coming week. Glen and Ralph will be teaching at the Gypsy Smith Leadership Training session. Roma leaders from across Romania and Moldova will attend. Ralph will teach on the book of Mark while Glen concentrates on worship. Clista and I will be busy providing a Staff Appreciation Week for the Ruth School. We will be doing something for the staff each day to let them know they are loved and appreciated.

Pray for traveling safety for us and the Roma leaders. Pray for Glen and Ralph to teach with wisdom and for divine guidance in what they say. Pray for the Roma leaders to absorb what is offered and to have a great time of fellowship. Pray for the staff of the Ruth School to feel special and know they do important work. Pray for God's blessing on this week of activities. Thank Him for the opportunities to share His love. Thank you for being prayer warriors for this ministry.

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