Friday, November 20, 2009

Ruth Staff Appreciation Day 4 - Apples & GSS

It's an American cultural thing to bring your teacher an apple - I have no idea how that got started - but I can say that it is not a Romanian tradition. However, Romanians, enjoy eating fruit. So today each staff person got an apple that said, "You're the Light of God's Eye" (apple of God's eye just didn't translate right). The apples were big, shiny, and juicy. They were thoroughly enjoyed.

The Gypsy Smith School (Christian Leadership Training for Adults) students were surprised at break time with a tea of their own, along with the Ruth School staff in the Ruth Center building. (Ruth School has its own building and the Center has one attached to the Providence Church with offices and rooms to stay). Mona, one of the staff, explained what dip was and how to dip vegetables/chips. She also explained the 'pigs in a blanket'. In the beginning they held back but once the first brave man stepped forward and tasted the strange looking things, they eagerly gathered around the bar, not stopping until everything was gone. (Made clean-up easier) Seeing them enjoy the special attention made all the hustle bustle of getting it ready on time and the numerous trips up and down the stairs (classroom on the 2nd floor, kitchen in the basement) worth it. Please say a prayer for these Roma men, studying this week so they can be better leaders of their congregations throughout Romania.

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