Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ruth Staff Appreciation Day 2 - Food!

"All of this for us?" That was the question we heard over and over as the teachers of the Ruth School laid eyes on the table filled with food for their Appreciation Tea. The director, Tita, gave them permission to stay longer so they could graze on the delicious treats prepared just for them. They laughed, talked, munched, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves through the break time. Clista and I were worn out from the early morning hectic running around to make sure everything was ready when the bell rang. It was worth it as Tita, through the English teacher, told us how special they all felt. So much had been done for the school as a whole and for the students but this was a first for the staff. The bell rang again and the teachers made their ways back to the classrooms with full bellies and smiling faces. Thank you for praying for this project. We have 3 more days to go!

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