Monday, June 28, 2010

Golden Cucumbers

Unemployment in northeast Hungary for Roma men is rumored to be around 80-90%. This makes life hard for so many. Tibi Lakatos, leader of the Roma Baptist Church in Szatmarcseke, decided to be pro-active and not be a part of that statistic. Last year, as an experiment, he planted cucumbers. Tibi and Natasha, his wife, planted, nurtured, watered, and harvested the green vegetable. The Lord blessed and they had a bumper crop! They managed to sell them and made a huge profit. Excitement over their success led them to plant cucumbers again this year. Through this effort Tibi showed a great entrepreneurial spirit and served as an example to his congregation. Several church members are raising cucumbers themselves this summer. Tibi is already working on a new idea of expanding their garden with peppers.

Join us in thanking God for His blessings in a good harvest and for Tibi who led by example. Now, go eat some cucumbers!

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