Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Week Begins in Vacegres...

Flexibility, adaptability, and plain 'ole flying by the seat of your pants are words we all took to heart Monday. Our original instructions were to plan for a week of English-As-a-Second Language for teenagers. Instead we found ourselves entertaining about 15 elementary age kids. The lessons we had planned were instantly scratched and we began re-working our entire plan for the week. Team TAG jumped in and adapted quickly with games, songs, and fun activities for the kids. The English teaching went back to the basics. This group of kids had never experienced anything like this and are soaking in everything, especially the Bible story time. Please ask God to give us opportunities to share his love through the stories, the attention, and the hugs. We're excited about the possibilities for the rest of the week.
**Picture: Caitlin and Nina pose with the girls and their newly made "bandanna" purses. (Thank you Shirley Womble, Wilmington, NC for the idea)

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