Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebrated Not Traded

Yesterday, March 8th, was International Women's Day.  It's not a day generally celebrated in the USA but in Europe it is a day to recognize the women in your life.  The flower shops are overflowing with flowers wrapped in cellophane and ribbon ready for purchase by men and boys.  Tables pop up on street corners for the same reason.  It is a day to celebrate and make women and girls feel special.

As I sat yesterday having my morning tea watching CNN, the international version, I was startled to see the special report they were doing on sex slavery in Romania.  They concentrated on two brothers who would go into small villages which are very economically depressed with few job opportunities and offer young ladies an opportunity to move to a western European country for work to make good money.  The young ladies would then find themselves enslaved, forced to prostitute themselves, raped, drugged, beaten into submission, lost to their families.  The brothers are now in jail but they were only two of many that make money by preying on poor families with daughters.  In an interview with the mother of the brothers she said they did no wrong they were only trying to make a living.  What?!?!  In response to their investigations CNN is launching a new effort called CNN Freedom Fighters to combat modern day slavery.

Join me in helping to make others aware and in praying for ways to help.   Let's Celebrate Not Trade.

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