Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gypsy Team Meeting

Our team usually meets twice a year - once electronically through the miracle of web-conferencing and once face to face.  Since we all live in Europe we can take advantage of cut-rate European airlines and going during the off-season.  This past week we, along with families, gathered in Palermo, Italy for 4 days.  We were joined by our Team Coordinator, Becky Smith and CBF's new Member Care Coordinator, Tere Canzoneri.

We spent our time reporting on what was happening in the Romany (Gypsy) ministries in our areas.  We planned strategy for continuing to share the Good News.  We networked and shared stories.  We took turns praying for each other and giving devotional thoughts.  We shared meals and enjoyed spending time together.  It was a great time and I think we were all refreshed.

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