Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ruth Moms - Tea & Sponge Painting

"God made us special as mothers.  He gave us hearts to love children."  With those words we began the Ruth Moms tea on Wednesday.  The ladies from the Knollwood Baptist team assisted in serving tea and cakes to the moms as they made their way into the new library at the Ruth School.  After a getting-to-know-you activity Sue Miller shared from her heart about her relationship with her daughter and grandson.  To mark the beginning of spring in Bucharest we sponge painted clay flower pots in bright spring colors.  The moms laughed and talked as the time flew by.  At the end of the hour Annie Kendall offered a word of encouragement on the important role a mom plays in her child's education.  Each mom was given a little goodie bag with items to help tell stories to their children and a ribbon reminding them they are "winners" as moms.

Thank you for praying for this activity.  We had hoped for 15 moms, planned for 21, and had 24 to attend.  I promised the moms we would meet again and I would plan for 50 so they needed to invite the other moms to come.  Praise to God for answered prayers!

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