Friday, April 8, 2011

International Roma Day

Today is International Roma Day. 

This statement comes from the National Roma Center (NRC) in Kumanovo, Macedonia, "This year marks four decades since the First Roma Congress was held in London, and besides the fact that the movement for improvement of the situation of the Roma community has improved, the lives of millions Roma throughout Europe have not been visibly improved. The Roma community is faced with extremely low conditions for normal living and migrates in order to look for stability and normal development. NRC appeals to all Governments responsible for the lives of millions of Roma citizens, decrease migration, by offering stability."

The NRC offers five areas of needed action:
1. Offering Roma civil status so they can obtain ID cards
2. Improving employment opportunities
3. Assisting to improve living conditions and housing
4. Providing health care
5. Providing education - this is one of the bright spots noted by the NRC.  Educational opportunities have improved greatly but still need to be increased.

Our team is working in many of these areas to help improve the lives of the Roma in the countries where we serve.  Please consider being an advocate for the Romany.  Partner with us through praying, giving, and serving.

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