Sunday, April 3, 2011

Teaching Teachers # 2

Obed Day teacher, Angela, making paper dolls
Wow!  Look at the fun stuff!
The inservice started with instructions on how to make paper dolls.  As the teachers worked to follow the directions the point was made how children can struggle at different levels when given directions.  This was followed by a lengthy discussion on behavioral problems and positive reinforcement.  As two of the Knollwood team acted out the difficulties that can be seen in the classroom, several of the teachers laughed and said they knew those children personally!  The Ruth teachers were given a plan of action for several of the common problems observed in classrooms. 

The teachers were next treated to 'hands-on' demonstrations of the many classroom aids brought by the team.  The staff's eyes lit up as they realized the things were theirs to enjoy and use with their students.  Thank you Knollwood for making that happen!

Good-byes were said and email addresses exchanged.  Teachers who were feeling the tiredness that comes as the school year draws to a close were re-energized for the last 2 months.  They had new ideas and plans for the coming year.  It was a learning experience for all.

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