Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obed Hunts Eggs

The children burst into the room to find the eggs

Happily showing off their eggs
"What's an egg hunt?"  Hunting Easter eggs is not a tradition in Romania so it was a new experience for the kids of the Obed Day Center at Project Ruth.  They eagerly decorated their bags and listened to the instructions of the activity.  The weather did not cooperate so the eggs were cleverly hidden in a classroom next door under toys, in boots, inside cups, and on the windowsills.  The children burst into the room and scurried around until each had found seven eggs.  They excitedly asked if the eggs were theirs to keep and one can imagine they were anticipating eating them for lunch or surprising their families with this gift.  The bags were searched for the two prize eggs - a purple one and one with a smiley face.  These lucky children received a chocolate rabbit.  And so no one would feel left out, all the students received chocolate bunnies as a treat.  It was an enjoyable activity and a wonderful way to begin the Easter break from school.  Thank you God for providing fun times.

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