Thursday, April 14, 2011

Have A Heart...

How many hearts do you have?  Alexandrina Nacu has three.  Of course she has the physical one like we all have that pumps blood around the body.  Ms Nacu has a second heart that is filled with love for the students of the Ruth School.  Here she has taught Biology for several years and works hard to make sure her students learn the vital lessons of science.  She commands respect in her classroom and makes lessons interesting with limited supplies.  She is a favorite teacher among the students. 

Recently thanks to the generosity of Carolina Biology Supply in North Carolina, Ms Nacu received a third heart.   When the educational team from Knollwood Baptist Church presented her a heart model during the teacher's inservice, Ms Nacu clapped her hands and exclaimed with joy.  She has long wished for durable, hands-on aids to use for teaching.  She was as excited as a kid at Christmas.  Quickly she took the heart apart and reassembled it, offering a teaching moment to anyone interested in listening.  She was practically giddy!

Thank you God for giving Alexandrina Nacu three hearts, each one valuable in its own way.  Thank you Carolina Biological Supply for the donation and thank you Knollwood Baptist for hauling it over the ocean.  Now the Biology students at the Ruth School will be able to know all about "hearts".

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